DisruptHR Indy 3.0: Highlights!

Another DisruptHR Indy event in the books! It was awesome. Another sellout as well. All 3 events have been! Check out DisruptHR Facebook & Twitter. How about a huge shout out to those that make these events possible: Kymberli Findley, Deb Lang , Andrea Brummett & Julie Barker! The idea of DisruptHR is to create an environment where HR executives, business leaders and owners can […]

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Job Offers, Ethics & Gray Areas!

Set the stage: Like most things, the job market swings on a pendulum: leverage goes back and forth between employers and candidates. Right now, there is a shortage of talent. There are not enough good, available and interested candidates to go around. Things get a little crazy in this type of market. Talented people often […]

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