DisruptHR Indy 3.0: Highlights!

Another DisruptHR Indy event in the books! It was awesome. Another sellout as well. All 3 events have been! Check out DisruptHR Facebook & Twitter. How about a huge shout out to those that make these events possible: Kymberli Findley, Deb Lang , Andrea Brummett & Julie Barker! The idea of DisruptHR is to create an environment where HR executives, business leaders and owners can […]

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Employers: Don’t Forget About the Talent you DO HAVE!

Platinum Unplugged #11: Plenty has been said about the “War for Talent”. By now you know it’s a candidate’s market. I’ve written about this as well: It’s a Candidate’s Market: What You Need To Know! It’s hard to find enough good, available and interested people right now. It’s a pain point for a lot of companies. […]

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Platinum Unplugged #10: Interviews – 4 Steps to Closing Strong!

Dear Platinum Recruiting, What is your advice for the closing minutes of an interview? (Here’s the Facebook Live response! Below is the blog with more detail) Hi Bob, A lot of interview tips focus on preparing for an interview, knowing how to answer certain questions and good questions to ask. That information is important and […]

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Platinum Unplugged #9: Negative Consequences to This Common Salary Question!

If you caught my last blog entry, DisruptHR Indy 2.0 – Highlights!, you read about DisruptHR Indy! I shared highlights from all the great speakers. The topic of my presentation was “What Is Your Current Salary?” “None of Your Business”. Check out this video! The format was 5 minute presentations with 20 Slides changing automatically every […]

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Platinum Unplugged #8: Quitting Your Job? Read This First!

“Don’t quit a job until you’ve found another one”. You’ve heard it a million times, right? I’m not going to preach that you should live by this rule. There are valid reasons for taking time off. Heck, most of us could use it. Compared to some of our international friends and colleagues we don’t take […]

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Platinum Unplugged #7: Job Offer Negotiations!

Dear Platinum Recruiting, I have an interview coming up, any advice about offer negotiations? Check out our Facebook Live Response & “Like” our business FB page while you visit: Offer Negotiations – Facebook Live Response Hi Jill, Yes! Plenty. Before getting into negotiations tips, let’s set the stage: Check out these stats 37% of people always negotiate […]

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Platinum Unplugged #6: Why Haven’t I Heard Back From My Recruiter?

Dear Platinum Recruiting, How do you recommend a candidate communicate with their recruiter? It can be tricky to determine. I don’t want to check in too often but I haven’t heard from them in a while. Check Out Facebook Live Video Response! (Be sure to ‘like’ our page while you visit) Hi Jane, Thank you […]

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Platinum Unplugged #3: 10 Resume Do NOTS!

10 Words/Information to Remove From Your Resume! Several words are included for being painfully obvious and/or overused. They lose meaning when an employer reads them on every resume. We also suggest removing portions of your resume that can do more harm than good. For more detailed resume tips, read here: Resume Tips and Template We created a fun […]

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Platinum Unplugged #2: What Is Your Current Salary?

Dear Platinum Recruiting, I’ve been asked about salary during several interviews recently. Both current salary and salary expectations. How do you suggest handling these questions? I don’t want to be difficult but also don’t want to lose leverage if we get to the offer stage. Thanks for your help! Dear Joe, You know it’s a […]

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New-Hire Checklist: Starts with Accepted Offer!

NEW HIRE CHECKLIST Congratulations, the offer you extended was accepted! That’s great. Enjoy the moment. Now shift to on-boarding. A Lot Can Happen Between Accepted Offer & Start Date. PDF you can save, print & share: New-Hire Checklist: Starts with Accepted Offer! The time between accepted offer and start date is tricky. Your new hire is […]

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What’s Platinum Unplugged?

A weekly Q&A (launching in January 2017) discussing topics important to you. Questions can be submitted to anyone at Platinum Recruiting via email, social media and live conversations. We’ll answer questions each week without mentioning the source. Questions will be submitted in confidence to encourage honest conversations about real situations.  Why are we doing this? Add […]

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Job Interview – Election Style!

The 2016 Presidential Election has been a lot of things: Long. Intense. Stressful. Emotional. Unbelievable. Shocking. Even embarrassing at times!  This is my attempt at injecting lighthearted humor now that it’s out of our hands.  I bring you Job Interviews…Election Style!  1. Candidates can buy support from leaders within the company.  2. Companies will want […]

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“The One Thing”

I started 2016 with a goal of reading 1 book per month. I failed miserably during the first 6 months but have been doing much better lately. I recently finished a book called “The One Thing” by Garry Keller (with Jay Papasan).  I found it interesting and motivating. If others struggle like me to find a good […]

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5 Tips: Help Your Next Job Find You!

Since writing about the “candidate market” we’re currently in we’ve seen multiple people get offers that were 20% or more above their current salary (well above average so results may vary!). Plenty of people are taking advantage of the hot market to improve their situation. Yet, others wonder where in the world they get the time […]

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Tech Companies Providing a Blueprint

I have the pleasure of working with companies from most industries.  Technology companies are providing a blueprint that a lot of other companies can learn from. Before I run off non tech company readers I’ll start by saying there are plenty of companies in other industries doing great things.  And, the love and press for technology companies […]

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It’s a Candidate’s Market: What You Need To Know!

Leverage swings back and forth between candidates and employers. Similar to shifts you see in the housing market where the owner sometimes has the leverage, other times the buyer. In an employer market, companies can often pick between multiple good options. In a candidate market, it gets harder and harder to find good talent. Here are 4 signs we’re […]

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Beware of the Counter Offer!

Edit:  It’s been brought to my attention that “counter offer” might be interpreted many different ways.  Here’s the definition I’m using:  Someone gets an offer from another company, accepts that offer, resigns with current employer, current employer then provides “counter offer” trying to get that person to stay. Counter Offers are more common now than […]

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What Is Your Competitive Advantage?

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately about interview strategy. I’ve written about interview tips before but this entry isn’t about dressing right and sending thank you notes. This is deeper. The further you get in your career, the more important it is to compare your background to requirements for an opportunity AND the competition. Rarely […]

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Should I Accept?

“Good news, we’d like to make you an offer!” That’s great. But how do you decide? There are so many things to consider: Is it the right job? Is the company stable? Is the offer enough? How do the benefits compare to what I currently have? What is the 401k? How much vacation? Evaluating a […]

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Top 3 Ways a Great Recruiter Can Help Your Company!

Like any service organization, not every situation calls for using a recruiting firm.  When the time is right, these are 3 ways a great recruiter can and should add value to your recruiting efforts.  This list can also help determine when working with a firm might make sense.  These factors can also be helpful when evaluating recruiting firms […]

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You LinkedIn?

Happy New Year. Now get your LinkedIn Profile updated! Not on LinkedIn? You should be. Don’t worry; this is not about New Year’s resolutions. It just happens to be a good time to remind you LinkedIn should be part of your professional arsenal. Are you highly motivated in your career? Of course you should be […]

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I’ll Never Blog

I’ll never blog. Truth be told the word ‘blog’ is a little annoying. I also never thought I would drink coffee during a Tennessee Football game but that happened on New Year’s Day. Things change. Can we call it something else? I’ve been recruiting for more than 10 years. One of the most enjoyable parts of my career is offering […]

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