Platinum Unplugged #3: 10 Resume Do NOTS!

10 Words/Information to Remove From Your Resume!

Several words are included for being painfully obvious and/or overused. They lose meaning when an employer reads them on every resume. We also suggest removing portions of your resume that can do more harm than good.

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10 Resume Do NOTS!

  1. Unprofessional Email Address:
  2. “Thought Leader”
  3. “Hardworking”
  4. Personal Info: Married, 5 kids, 2 dogs, 1 fish.
  5. Career Objective: It can do a lot more harm than good.
  6. “Detail-Oriented”
  7. Paragraphs: Use bullet points. Full paragraphs won’t get read in their entirety.
  8. “Go-Getter”
  9. “Seasoned”
  10. Hobbies: Home brewing, Marathons, Troop Leader and Soccer Coach.

Removing ‘Career Objective’ is the most controversial of the 10. They aren’t inherently bad. The problem with objectives is they can’t help you but can hurt you. I’ve never read an objective that changed my mind from “not qualified” to “qualified”. But I’ve read plenty that changed my mind from qualified to nope. Lastly, most objectives are filled with words on the “do not use” list:

“Seasoned, detailed-oriented thought leader known as a real go-getter”.

(Ok that might be an extreme example but it’s not far from the truth. Think about the words you’re using next time you think about including an objective and I bet it will be riddled with these words)

Now you know!

What else would you add? Disagree with any? Let us know!

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