Be All In until you’re All Out

Have you interviewed for a job you weren’t quite sure about yet?  Do you have an interview coming up soon?  Don’t let this happen to you:

9am: Interviews all morning.

1pm: I get a call from candidate to debrief: “Wow, I am impressed. They have a great team, really like the environment. Good career growth opportunity. You were right, I’m glad I took the interview. I’m definitely interested.”

2pm: Call from client: “Unfortunately we’re going to pass. They just came across flat, not prepared and didn’t seem all that interested.”

Prepare for an interview like it’s your dream job.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone interview for an opportunity and they were more interested after than before.  Sure, the opposite happens sometimes as well.  That’s why you interview.  Interviews are just as much for you as they are for the potential employer.  But you want the decision to be yours.  Prepare.  Present well.  Get them to like you.  Ball’s in your court.

Let’s say you interview and decide you’re not interested.  Did you waste your time?  Far from it.  We’ve had plenty of people get hired into different roles than initially discussed.  We’ve had clients in growth mode create positions for someone that is a great match for their environment, culture and long term plans.  We’ve had hiring managers leave for another company and then call asking about someone they interviewed from us at their previous employer.

Making a good impression on an executive is always a good thing.  Prepare for all interviews like they are your dream job.  Think you’re too good to prepare for an interview?  Wrong.  More on that later.

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