What Energizes You?

On Wednesday I visited a client in the morning and then had lunch with the legendary Paul Ashley from FirstPerson.

That afternoon I felt great.

I felt energized. Excited. Motivated.

It was a great reminder that I love that part of my job.

Getting out of the office, meeting with clients, networking, helping others build their network.

Speaking of meeting with clients. It was a fantastic visit. They occasionally have certified therapy dogs visit. There was a Great Dane roaming the halls while I was there. The employees loved it!

I never would have known this was a thing if I didn’t visit.

Now, we have a great story to share with candidates we’re talking to about this company.

Kicking myself for not getting a selfie with that dog. 🤦‍♂️

What energizes you? What part of your job do you love most?

I was reminded this week to get out and about more often.

Perhaps this will serve as a reminder for one or two of you to do more of the part of your job that you love.

My hunch is you’re really good at that part of your job.

P.S. Below is a selfie I took at the Fashion Mall. I was early for my lunch with Paul so I used the WiFi in the cafe for a while. This jacket caught my eye so I went in the store to check it out ask how much it cost.


Just for the jacket. One of them. Probably not a good color for me anyway.

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