DisruptHR Indy 2.0 – Highlights!

I had the honor and privilege of speaking at Disrupt HR Indy 2.0 last night (4.25.17)! Over 100 HR & Business Leaders/Owners that are making huge impacts in the Indy market and community. Not sure how I made the list of speakers! Our firm, Platinum Recruiting, is thrilled to have been a sponsor.

Keep scrolling for quotes and information from each speaker. But, first, a few pics:

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“DisruptHR” is an informative exchange designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field. This event is a night of short, focused talks from people who want to share their ideas on how we can move our talent thinking forward.

Leading up to the event, someone asked if I was good at public speaking. I thought for a minute, and realized it’s been years since I presented in public. I’m talking 10+ years. Maybe since my corporate accounting days at Johnson & Johnson where the Financial Leadership Development Program required presentations. My presentation wasn’t perfect, but that’s not the point of this event. It’s about pushing the envelope, sharing new ideas and “Disrupting HR”.

The topic of my presentation was “What Is Your Current Salary”. “None of Your Business”. I’ll write more about this in the next “Platinum Unplugged”.

Below are some of my key takeaways. This information runs the gamut: Funny, shocking, brilliant, refreshing, informative, innovative…just to name a few.

Please note, the format of this event was 5 minute presentations with slides auto changing every 15 seconds. In other words, it was impossible to catch everything and take notes with 100% accuracy! Also, the event was at a brewery, so there was beer involved.

Here we go:

Andy Medley – Co-FounderPERQ – (Andy Medley Twitter)

  • 3 steps to making business a game.
  • A Mission is pointless without a scorecard/scoreboard!
  • Core values are the rules of your game.

Jenny Banner – Director of Strategic InitiativesSmallBox – (Jenny’s Twitter)

  • HR wants employees to love the company. Marketing wants customers to love the company. “Let’s go down the same road”. “Let’s get on the same bus”
  • If your employees can’t buy into your brand experience, they can’t translate it to your customers.

Carla Taylor – Founder of IDEAvize – (Carla’s Twitter)

  • Employee happiness is now a trend!
  • Happy employees make for happy customers.
  • Work-life balance doesn’t work. Focus on blend.

Jeffrey Moss – Founder of Parker Dewey – (Parker Dewey/Jeff Moss Twitter)

  • Find the right talent…for the right role…at the right time.
  • Find little bets. Don’t bet the company.
  • If HR says “no” too much, they’ll soon be irrelevant. Find ways to say yes.

Matt Rogers – Founder of HireCredit – Matt’s Twitter

  • No plan survives first contact with the enemy
  • Agile = Open to change
  • Agile isn’t a thing you buy. It’s a thing you are.

Van Dickerson – Account Executive at Appirio – (Van’s LinkedIn Profile)

  • “Got connected with diversity when I was born”
  • In 34 years = never been interviewed by a black person.
  • Diversity is about the opportunity to bring everyone together and get better.

Rubi Ho – ConsultingThe Rubi Ho Group – (Rubi’s Twitter)

  • Mission Breeds Purpose.
  • It’s not about you. It’s about us.
  • Develop Stewards, not employees.

Chip Nedigh – Chief Catalyst @ Kairos  – (LinkedIn Profile)

  • It’s a mistake to try to sell change without understanding their pain.
  • Don’t shove change down their throat like a “Satan Sandwich”.

Chris Mahan – Co-FounderJobvocate – (Chris’s Twitter)

  • 80% of employees would be energized by learning new skills.
  • Part of empowerment is choosing your own path, not the one the company chooses for us.

Taryn – Director of Global Senior Leadership @ Cigna – (Taryn’s Twitter)

  • 5 Practices of Resilient People: Vulnerability, Productive Perseverance, Connection, Grati-osity, Possibility.
  • Resilient people have the “Adversity Quotient”
  • Gratiosity is the process of being patient.

Santiago Jaramillo – Co-Founder of Emplify – (Santiago’s Twitter)

  • 70% of employees are NOT engaged at work.
  • HR can become the CEO’s co-pilot.
  • Only 20% of engagement initiatives work.

Already looking forward to the next event. Don’t miss out!

Huge shout-outs to Julie, Deb, Andrea and Kymberli for not only organizing this event but spearheading the DisruptHR initiative in Indianapolis. Check out their information below:

Thank you to Two Deep Brewing Company for hosting.



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  1. Great recap Jon…captured alot! I would have never guessed it had been 10 yrs since your last speaking engagement…you were awesome and fyi, I ask for their desired salary!

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