I’ll Never Blog

I’ll never blog. Truth be told the word ‘blog’ is a little annoying. I also never thought I would drink coffee during a Tennessee Football game but that happened on New Year’s Day. Things change. Can we call it something else?

I’ve been recruiting for more than 10 years. One of the most enjoyable parts of my career is offering support, guidance and advice based on years of experience. For the longest time I’ve downplayed the knowledge and expertise accumulated over time. I am excited to start sharing what I’ve learned from hundreds of placements, thousands of conversations and plenty of missteps. Insight that I hope will be beneficial to more than just those I have the pleasure of interacting with directly. Why your company is getting beat for top talent, why company culture matters, where should you get your MBA, top things I look for in a LinkedIn profile, career management considerations and much more (hopefully).

I also hope it encourages conversation and feedback, both favorable and critical. Recruiting has changed significantly since I entered the field and it’s still evolving. Like many of you, I want to be better. Some of the best changes I’ve made to my approach have come from direct feedback.  Have a topic you’re curious about?  Please, let me know.

Check out the ‘About Me’ link for a little more information on my background, both professional and personal.

Guess that makes it official.  Pressure is on to figure out what to write about. First entry (second, I guess) coming this week!

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