What’s my story?

Do you start with the beginning or with the present and work back?  Not sure but here we go:

I’m a proud IU alum with finance/accounting degrees.  I started my career with Johnson & Johnson in corporate accounting.  I spent 3 years with JNJ including completion of their 2 year financial leadership development program.  In that 3 year period I lived in Warsaw, IN…New Jersey…Jacksonville, FL and back to Warsaw.  Different accounting/finance positions at each stop.  I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity right out of college, very fortunate and grateful.  But something was missing.  It just wasn’t doing it for me.

In 2005 I stumbled into recruiting and spent over 3 years with Robert Half in Indianapolis.  In 2008 I met Brian McCall and became his first hire in Indianapolis.  Hard to believe that was almost 9 years ago.  It started with the two of us sharing an office, making hundreds of calls but trying to alternate so we could hear, scratching and clawing to get the firm going.  What a ride it’s been.  Getting downsized from Robert Half is probably the best thing that ever happened.  Maybe that’s a future blog entry.

Before all that?  I’m originally from Tennessee.  Grew up in Madison, IN.  My beautiful wife Karen is from Fort Wayne, IN.  She’s a Butler grad and has a great career at Roche.  We have two boys:  Jack (4 years old) and Reed (2 years old).

Family 2017 Thanksgiving