2018: Exciting Changes!

Another year in the books! Hard to believe.

My wife shared a great quote during a dinner date recently:

“The days are long but the years are short”.

So true!

I enjoy this time. One year is ending, another right around the corner. While we are still recruiting for a lot of open jobs, there is more time for reflection:

How did we do this year? 

What did we do well?

What must we do better?

How should I evolve?

It’s also a time to look forward!

In January, I always have a renewed energy that is tough to sustain for an entire year. If you feel this, too, you have to embrace it. Run with it!

I’m ready for a clean slate.

A reset.

Not just at work but also with personal goals around things like family, finances and health.

As we approach 2018, I’m excited about several big changes our firm will be announcing in January! 

One of those changes impacts this blog.

One year ago, I wrote this Lessons Learned, Stats & Thank You!

One year later, two full years in, this blog will become more of a “Platinum Recruiting Blog” and reside on our company website. (Speaking of our company website, there are big changes coming to that as well!)

This is all good. I knew that if the blogging and social media initiatives worked, this content would need to be on our website.

Right now, the company website isn’t really helping more people find this content and my blog isn’t helping enough people find our company website. We have links back and forth but that’s not enough. It is time to join forces!

I plan to keep this blog but it’s content will change. Perhaps become more personal. We’ll see!

The timing of these changes is important as well. In January, Platinum Recruiting here in Indy turns 10 years old! 10!

Shout out to Brian McCall…this is a huge accomplishment!

Brian hired me 9 years ago. It’s been a helluva run!

Perhaps we’ll have a blog post in January, from the new company website, highlighting the last 10 years!

With 10 years in the books, the changes coming in January are about the next 10 years and beyond!  

Thanks for reading and following along the last 2 years!

Stay tuned for exciting changes/announcements in 2018.

Happy New Year!

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