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Employers: Don’t Forget About the Talent you DO HAVE!

Platinum Unplugged #11:

Plenty has been said about the “War for Talent”. By now you know it’s a candidate’s market. I’ve written about this as well: It’s a Candidate’s Market: What You Need To Know!

It’s hard to find enough good, available and interested people right now. It’s a pain point for a lot of companies.

But, we’re flipping the script for a moment.

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Employers: What About the Talent you DO HAVE?

Finding good people is only half the battle. If you can’t keep talent, you’ll always be in the hole. It’s also a vicious cycle: If you can’t keep your best people, it becomes harder to attract talent to your organization. That cycle can snowball quickly.

Keeping your best people has many components: training, mentor programs, leadership development, advancement opportunity, environment, financial incentives, benefits and many other reasons.

For This Blog Entry?

External Hires:

Internal Talent – Common Frustrations:

Employers are being competitive and flexible in pursuit of external talent. As they should. But, in many cases, they are asking their best employees to be patient and promising a raise and/or promotion “next year”.

I’m not suggesting everyone deserves a raise. Employees will come and go. Some turnover can be good.

But, your best employees? Don’t forget about them! Otherwise, you will always be behind in the “War for Talent”.

I leave you with these 2 questions:

  1. Does someone on your team deserve a raise?
  2. Have you been promising a promotion or raise but haven’t delivered?

If so, consider acting on this. Before they resign.

Thanks for reading! As always, welcome any feedback. The best compliment I can receive is sharing this blog or the social media post it came from. Thank you.

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