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New-Hire Checklist: Starts with Accepted Offer!


Congratulations, the offer you extended was accepted! That’s great. Enjoy the moment. Now shift to on-boarding.

A Lot Can Happen Between Accepted Offer & Start Date.

PDF you can save, print & share: New-Hire Checklist: Starts with Accepted Offer!

The time between accepted offer and start date is tricky. Your new hire is often hearing from everyone but you. They are working out their notice period giving that company time to plead for them to stay (Good Companies Don’t Counter Offer). They might hear from other companies they were interviewing with during their search. Plenty of time for second guessing. Not hearing from you at all during this transition can end badly. Staying connected between accepted offer and Day 1 is a must!

5 Step New-Hire Checklist

  1. Connect: I recommend lunch or coffee prior to their start date. At a minimum, call and email. The downtime before the first day can leave your new employee in no man’s land. Start getting them integrated and acclimated prior to Day 1. Share some of the goings-on with your team and company. If possible, provide information they can begin to review: monthly reporting package, monthly close checklist, project pipeline, financials. Our firm, Platinum Recruiting, plays a vital role in this process. We stay in touch with our candidates between accepted offer and Day 1. We often meet for lunch or coffee to make sure the transition is going smoothly.
  2. Welcome Package: Some call it a Swag Bag. Send a fun welcome package to new hires. It can include necessary on-boarding information but include something fun. Send gifts with company logo: Shirt, fleece, coffee mug or a Yeti cup. Maybe a Starbucks Gift Card. Like step 1, our firm plays a role by occasionally providing a gift card, bottle of wine or Platinum Recruiting swag.
  3. Basics: Please, please have the basics ready: Office/workspace, computer, access to files, access to shared drives and even doors in your building. Sound obvious? You’d be surprised.
  4. Announcements: Be sure the right people know about your new employee. This will vary from company to company. A new analyst in a huge company won’t warrant a company-wide announcement. A new developer at a 12-person technology firm does. Make sure the right people know. There’s nothing worse for a new hire than showing up on Day 1 with team members wondering who they are and what they’re doing there.
  5. Plan: Have a plan for Day 1 and the integration moving forward. Introductions, meet and greets, lunch with the team. Sure, you are busy, but don’t leave your new employee sitting at their desk all day, alone, with nothing to do. You don’t have to be by their side the entire day. Schedule time for them with different colleagues. Some of you may have formal on-boarding and new-hire orientation. Great. That doesn’t mean the hiring manager should be completely MIA. Be part of the welcoming process.

Hope you found this helpful!

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