What’s Platinum Unplugged?

A weekly Q&A (launching in January 2017) discussing topics important to you. Questions can be submitted to anyone at Platinum Recruiting via email, social media and live conversations. We’ll answer questions each week without mentioning the source. Questions will be submitted in confidence to encourage honest conversations about real situations.

 Why are we doing this?

  1. Add Value to More People: Your question or situation won’t be specific to you. Someone else has had or will have a similar experience. Why not use technology to share our responses and insight with more people? That’s why I started blogging in 2016. I’ve blogged about topics I thought were important and relevant. This weekly column will allow the focus to be 100% based on what people want to know.
  2. Break Down Barriers: I was taught to be careful and secretive with information when I got into recruiting (not at Platinum Recruiting, of course). For example, call someone about a job but don’t tell them the company name yet. Reason being, you didn’t want that information passed along to someone who could steal your business. I think that’s BS. I trust people until I’m burned. Even then, being transparent provides more wins than it does potential losses. Transparency extends beyond job orders as well. It applies to our expertise regarding interview tips, how to network, how to get more jobs to find you, salary negotiations and more. Our goal with Platinum Unplugged is to provide a setting that encourages transparent, practical dialogue. Questions can tap into our expertise and experience. You can also ask questions about our firm. What do I do every day? Why do we send so many LinkedIn messages?
  3. Bolder and Better. Recruiting can be a stale industry if you let it. We do 3 things all the time: look for new clients, new candidates and fill jobs. If recruiting gets stale to us, the people doing it, our service is probably getting stale as well. Same ole same ole. I like to mix it up. I’m willing to take risks (see switching from Johnson & Johnson accounting job to 100% commission-based recruiting job). In addition to writing a weekly column, you’ll notice below that I’ll be broadcasting on Facebook Live (possibly twitter/periscope) for an interactive Q&A. Will I be good at it from the start? Probably not. Who cares? If it doesn’t work or add value, we’ll adjust or scrap it. That’s one of the beauties of being an entrepreneurial firm. I’m excited to give it a shot!

While other recruiters are banging away on LinkedIn (which I do) and cold calling you on your work phone (which I do NOT do!), we’re going to be different.


Blog: Jon Rosser/Platinum Recruiting Blog

I will write a column each week responding to one or a few questions. We’ll share the question in a “Dear Platinum” format and then provide our response.

Facebook Live Video: Platinum Recruiting Facebook Page

I will do a live broadcast video for the Q&A each week. The Facebook Live feature (and possibly periscope) will allow for a more interactive setting. You can ask questions in the comment section of the video which will allow us to focus on what’s most important to you. Maybe a different angle of the same question is of more interest. Maybe we need to take it a few steps further than our written Q&A. The live broadcasting feature will allow you to engage and our conversation can go in the direction that will be most helpful and relevant. You can also tag people in the comment section allowing information to reach more people.

Jon’s Twitter & LinkedIn

I will use twitter, LinkedIn and the Facebook page to solicit questions on a regular basis. I’ll also use these outlets to share the blog each week.

 Who can participate?

If you work or hire people, we would love your participation. That’s pretty much everyone. As 3rd party recruiters we offer the unique perspective of interacting daily with candidates and employers. We talk to hiring managers about why a candidate didn’t interview well. We hear from candidates about why they loved one interview but hated another. We discuss recruiting and interview process strategy with clients. We have conversations with both sides of the table. We are often a trusted advisor involved in conversations with an employer or candidate that doesn’t need to be shared with the other side. Discussing questions and topics without disclosing a person or employer name will allow us to share more insight without breaching confidentiality. The interactive conversation via Facebook Live/Twitter/Periscope will include questions via comment section that will be public but we will have questions submitted prior to the broadcast that will remain confidential.

Example Questions and Topics:

  1. Why is your company missing out on the best candidates during your interview process?
  2. You’ve been with the same company for 10 years, is it time to leave?
  3. Should Human Resources do initial phone screens?
  4. How should you respond when asked for salary information in an interview?
  5. Should your company ask candidates for their salary history?
  6. You were recently offered an internal promotion, should you take it?
  7. Who do 3rd party recruiters work for?
  8. You just got a counter offer, what should you do?
  9. Should you get an MBA or CPA? Or Neither?
  10. How long should you stay in Public Accounting?

There you have it. Platinum Unplugged! At a minimum, we’ll do the weekly Q&A via the blog. We’ll start the year broadcasting via Facebook Live as well. Will the video portion last all year? Never know until you try.

Bolder and Better in 2017!

Questions or situations we should discuss? Fire away: jon@platinumrecruiting.com.


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