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Resume Template: Open. Edit. Save.

Have you been putting off the dreaded task of updating your resume? No more excuses. Below is a link to my “go to” template. No text boxes or defined fields. Just open the word document, save it as your own and enter your own information.

Not looking for a job right now? That doesn’t matter. It’s important to update a resume every year for a variety of reasons. The more experience and success you have, the tougher it is to remember it all. Updating your resume every year is an easy way to document your wins. Additionally, you never know when someone like me might call with a great opportunity.

What is the ultimate goal of your resume? Get an interview! The further along you get in your career the less likely you can include everything in your resume. That’s ok. I don’t mind 2 page resumes but if it’s 5 pages I will never get to the 4th and 5th page in my initial review. Or I’ll read the first two and the last page. The interview is your opportunity to elaborate.

“Read” is probably a strong word for the initial review. Here’s what I do in the first 10 seconds:

    1. What company do you work for right now?
    2. What is current position title?
    3. What is previous position?
    4. Where did you go to school and when did you graduate? I quickly want to know if someone has 5 years of experience or 20.
    5. Back to the top to read bullet points under current position.

Click here for the easy to use template:  Resume Template

Of course I’m not suggesting other versions are wrong. I’m offering a simple, straightforward and easy to follow option that allows the reader to find what they need in their initial 10 second scan. If you’re still reading, below are 10 Resume Tips:

10 Resume Tips

    1. No Objective. They do more harm than good.
    2. Experience before Education.
    3. Use reverse chronological order. A “skills based/functional” resume leaves too many questions after initial scan. Did you pick up that skill in current position or 20 years ago?
    4. Include specific results: Increased profits by 30%. Came under budget 3 consecutive years.
    5. When you’ve had multiple positions with the same company, list the company name only once and use the date you first joined the company. (template shows example of this)
    6. Put the date with each employer along the right margin. Easy to find and follow. Put the date closer to the company name and it varies too much from company to company.
    7. Two pages or less. I don’t mind 2 pages if you have enough experience but avoid 3 or more.
    8. Don’t include personal information such as married with 3 kids.
    9. Keep it simple: Black type, consistent font size, etc.
    10. No Picture (unless it’s required or expected in your industry)

For more information feel free to visit the career center of our website: Platinum Recruiting Group..

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to comments and any questions.

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